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Neighborhood Vision 2025

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Public Art can amplify MidTown’s vibe and uniqueness, and create excitement in unused and overlooked spaces. Art transcends language and culture creating amenities all can enjoy and reinforcing a sense of shared ownership and belonging in MidTown. Not just *for* the community, MidTown’s murals, sculptures, memorials, and spaces should be created *by* the community. Building a catalog of spaces and opportunities for activation and enabling artists to register their interests and skills will help MTC and local partners create opportunities for more people to participate in new ways.

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More Art & Color


Celebrate, Expand, and Document Art in MidTown's Public Spaces

Make MidTown’s mural artwork a defining feature of the neighborhood with events and art walks highlighting the evolving art in public spaces around the area.

Near-Term Actions


Continue planning for Cleveland Walls! Event in 2021

Work with an implementation committee to prioritize actions in coordination with the implementation of the MidTown Art Plan

Use all Wayfinding Initiatives as opportunities to expand public art and engage local artists, makers, and businesses

Type of Action

Event Planning

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