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Neighborhood Vision 2025

More Art & Color

Public Art can amplify MidTown’s vibe and uniqueness, and create excitement in unused and overlooked spaces. Art transcends language and culture creating amenities all can enjoy and reinforcing a sense of shared ownership and belonging in MidTown. Not just *for* the community, MidTown’s murals, sculptures, memorials, and spaces should be created *by* the community. Building a catalog of spaces and opportunities for activation and enabling artists to register their interests and skills will help MTC and local partners create opportunities for more people to participate in new ways.

ICONS_ALL-White_Art Color

More Art & Color


Encourage Community-Created Public Art

Reduce the barriers for community members to contribute to MidTown’s art and vibe. Encourage and sponsor co-created resident art wherever possible.

Near-Term Actions


Create a database of artists in the community

Create a database of opportunity spaces and friendly property owners to support the creation of artistic projects when interest arises

Work with local schools (CSA, CIA) on art projects

Type of Action

Organize & Resource

Looking For

Opportunity Spaces & Artists