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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Get Work Ready

Getting MidTown “work ready” is more than connecting people to open positions. This strategy focuses on ways to develop a pipeline of jobs with opportunities for advancement, benefits, and a better outlook for long-term stability. Finding new and innovative ways to close hard and soft skill gaps that exist in the local workforce is necessary. By growing community-serving programs and resources tailored to the needs of the MidTown community and surrounding neighborhoods we will create new ways to improve the job skills of local residents so they can be employed by area businesses. This effort will require engagement with local business-owners to develop and coordinate programs and think differently about hiring and training practices.

ICONS_ALL-White_Get work ready

Get Work Ready


Provide Free Translation Services for Job Seekers

Support a diverse workforce and increase opportunities for non- or limited English speakers to gain equitable access to local jobs.

Near-Term Actions


Offer MTC staff or 3rd party support to translate job applications, resume translation, job posting translation for businesses.

Where possible, translate area job postings to Chinese, Spanish, etc.

Type of Action

Planning & Programming

Looking For

Developers & Designers