Neighborhood Vision 2025

Dismantle the Barriers; Heal the Wounds

Cleveland’s own history of major urban renewal projects - including the construction of Chester Avenue - were projects designed to fragment neighborhoods on the east side and make it possible to effectively bypass the community. Physical barriers take many forms - dangerous intersections, wide roadways, fragmented sidewalks - and reinforce artificial social edges around MidTown. By redesigning some of MidTown’s key streets, this strategy aims to break down barriers and reconnect MidTown to adjacent communities, repairing relationships and healing trauma inflicted by these urban renewal projects of the past.


Dismantle the Barriers; Heal the Wounds


Implement the Recommendations From ReinCarnegie Plan for Carnegie Avenue

Implement recommendations in the ReinCarnegie Plan for Carnegie Avenue TLCI and cross street enhancements with a focus on improve street conditions to better support access to local businesses between E 71st St to E 79th St

Near-Term Actions


Pursue ReinCarnegie - TLCI implementation strategy; Lobby to get the street on NOACA’s prioritization list.

Type of Action

Streetscape & Planning

Looking For