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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Elevate Black & Asian Creative Voices

Creatives - artists, photographers, musicians, movement artists, poets - play an essential role in driving culture and inspiration. MidTown can celebrate the strength of its local Black and Asian communities, support and draw local artists by providing tailored support and a community uplifting Black and Asian artists through physical and social arts infrastructure. Artistic work by Asian artists or featuring culturally relevant imagery should be featured in and around AsiaTown in particular.

ICONS_ALL-White_Elevate B-Asian Voices

Elevate Black & Asian Creative Voices


Establish Artist or Researcher in Residence Program in MidTown

Set aside a space at no or low-cost for Artist in Residence. Seek sustained funding for creative pursuits by individuals participating as Artist or Researcher in Residence.

Near-Term Actions


Identify potential funding and partners to create a program to fund an annual arts project to be exhibited in MidTown. Effort may begin with community-led project, growing to annual appointment as funding and space allow.

Type of Action


Looking For

Artists & Researchers