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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Encourage New Housing Development

The approximately 1,300 units of housing that exist in MidTown are scattered across the area with few units available for sale or rent. The relatively low population density brings challenges in attracting retail and services to MidTown. To better connect employers to potential employees and provide more customers for area businesses, MidTown needs to grow its residential base. More residents in the area will also make the neighborhood more vibrant and multi-dimensional. MidTown should encourage mixed-income housing to serve residents and families of all shapes and sizes, set clear expectations for new developments under the influence or friendly ownership, and smooth the pathway for new private development that meets the typological needs and expectations of the neighborhood.

ICONS_ALL-White_New Housing

Encourage New Housing Development


ReUse Empty Buildings for New Apartments

Encourage continued efforts to repurpose older, commercial buildings for new housing in MidTown, particularly in the Mixed Use District along Euclid and Prospect west of E 55th Street to increase residential density, activate these streets, and retain neighborhood character.

Near-Term Actions

3800 Euclid

Develop a list of underutilized and empty buildings suitable for potential conversion to housing.

Work to bring potential buildings to market by connecting developers with property owners.

Type of Action

Planning & Rehab Support

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