Neighborhood Vision 2025

Build Youth Resilience

Building youth resilience means creating pathways for children, youth, and young adults to access safe spaces for learning and growing, positive experiences with professionals and mentors, and opportunities for leadership and personal growth. The idea of building youth resilience is tied to the ability of local institutions to provide trauma-informed care and practice. Positive outcomes of this strategy will reinforce that MidTown supports families and will boost efforts to grow Midtown’s population, and will empower youth to take positive action and become future neighborhood leaders. To be successful, new and expanded youth programs in Midtown require long-term commitment and strong relationship building.


Build Youth Resilience


Create Youth ↔ Feature Artist Connections Through Arts Programming for the Area

Cultivate the next generation of creativity in MidTown by facilitating connections between youth and artists working in MidTown. Provide opportunities for young creatives to shadow, support, or be mentored by established artists working on projects in the area.

Near-Term Actions

NewBridge Cleveland Center for Arts & Technology after School program: Ceramics, Digital Photography, and Graphics Design - Photo © Bob Perkoski, www.Perkoski.com

Identify artists participating in Cleveland Walls! Event to participate in pilot program (connection to Hough Youth Council);

Promote program at area schools and among local youth organizations

Connect with youth organizations and coordinate with MTC / other local arts initiatives.

Type of Action


Looking For

Youth with Arts Interest