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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Restore & Grow MidTown’s Green Infrastructure

Beyond aesthetic benefits, green infrastructure helps to manage stormwater, improve air quality, provide shade and respite from hot summer temperatures, and even provide opportunities for growing food. This strategy seeks to provide equitable access to quality green spaces that allow residents to experience their social, economic, and health benefits. Recognizing that low-income and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by environmental degradation and pollution, at its heart, access to quality park space and green infrastructure is an environmental and restorative justice issue.

ICONS_ALL-White_Restore and grow

Restore & Grow MidTown’s Green Infrastructure


Design Streets to Incorporate Green Stormwater Aspects and Larger Tree Beds

Add green stormwater infrastructure to increase greenery in MidTown, which currently lacks green space.

Near-Term Actions


As streets are improved throughout MidTown, evaluate for potential inclusion of green infrastructure elements.

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Planning & Advocacy

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