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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Celebrate Local Businesses

MidTown comprises a rich array of unique businesses including wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, professional and creative offices and more. These local industries and businesses truly set MidTown apart from other neighborhoods. The local businesses that have helped to shape MidTown’s identity should be celebrated to promote MidTown as a good place to do business and to increase the visibility and awareness of local businesses from local residents. Let’s tell the stories about what these businesses make through art, tours and programs designed to encourage people and institutions to buy and procure locally.

ICONS_ALL-White_Celebrate local biz

Celebrate Local Businesses


Create Campaigns and Events to Raise Awareness & Visibility of Local Businesses

Connect residents to what’s happening at local businesses and add to MidTown’s reputation as a center of innovation. Create ways to help families engage in “invisible” industries and forge stronger connections between the resident and business communities of MidTown. Use local events and block parties as an opportunity to connect job seekers, youth, and visitors to existing neighborhood employers who may do business out of public eye.

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Explore new event ideas that connect residents, community organizations, and local businesses.

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