Neighborhood Vision 2025

Promote Clear Expectations for New Development

As the local CDC, MidTown Cleveland Inc. (MTC) plays an important role in steering new development to meet the needs and expectations of the local community. The process to develop this Vision Plan solidified goals and priorities for new development that inform MTC’s efforts and make a clear statement to prospective investors and developers. Creating reference tools like a proposed land use plan, identifying priority streets for reconstruction and establishing open space goals are critical to ensure the MidTown Neighborhood benefits from future changes in the area.


Promote Clear Expectations for New Development


Work with the City to Adopt the MidTown Vision Plan

Align City and MTC goals around development using the MidTown Vision Plan and other planning tools available.

Near-Term Actions


Complete the MidTown Vision Plan adoption process with the MTC Board and City of Cleveland Department of Planning

Type of Action

Planning & Policy

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