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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Be a Hub of Black History, Entrepreneurship and Celebration in Cleveland

Neighborhoods on Cleveland’s east side represent the African American experience in the history of the United States, but these stories are not well documented. Today, Black entrepreneurs and business owners face economic, sociocultural, and institutional barriers all linked to structural racism. MidTown’s location, economic momentum linked to the growing Innovation District, the strength of the local business ecosystem, and legacy as part of a Black entertainment district offer the opportunity to create a hub of Black art, music, and entrepreneurship among the ranks of Harlem and Atlanta.

ICONS_ALL-White_Be a hub

Be a Hub of Black History, Entrepreneurship and Celebration in Cleveland


Initiate / Fund Project to Collect Oral Histories; Display in Midtown

Stories of the African American experience in America are often unknown and poorly documented. MTC can be a champion for Black history by helping to initiate a project to collect oral histories in MidTown and find ways to integrate these stories into public spaces, exhibitions, and events.

Near-Term Actions

cultural cabaret

Partner with artists/organizations/schools with audio recording / interview skills to have them collect oral histories. Identify a venue for display. Research presentation and visual accompaniment options (website, podcast, physical listening booth, etc).

Type of Action

Organizing / Fundraising

Looking For

New Partners & Ideas