Midtown Indy is pleased to showcase an art installation at its historic Concord Building, 3802 N. Illinois Street. The installation was dedicated on Thursday, October 23. The artwork depicts accomplished individuals from the neighborhood with the goal of spurring the current generation to strive for greatness.

“Every generation of Butler-Tarkington–Black and white–needs to be able to see what they can be,” said Sabae Martin, life-long Butler-Tarkington community leader and exhibit curator. “We share the legacy to encourage and inspire.”

Martin identified Black citizens who overcame adversities related to structural racism including redlining and segregation to make significant contributions in the realms of healthcare, the arts, public policy, and business. Designer Wil Marquez crafted graphics of physician Harvey Middleton, Rep. Hariette Conn, and Dr. George Rawls and others. Images of these neighborhood icons will be displayed in the exhibit covering the second-floor windows of the Concord. Panels with inspirational quotes from local luminaries like musician Wes Montgomery, poet Mari Evans, and Rep. Julia Carson round out the display.

“It was my love for Butler-Tarkington that moved me to honor the Black excellence we grew up watching,” Martin said.

The exhibit is intentionally forward-looking and includes images of young people in the neighborhood who aspire to work in the fields of journalism, sports, and business. Be sure to take a look next time you are in the neighborhood, and read more about the project here.


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