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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Celebrate Local Businesses

MidTown comprises a rich array of unique businesses including wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, professional and creative offices and more. These local industries and businesses truly set MidTown apart from other neighborhoods. The local businesses that have helped to shape MidTown’s identity should be celebrated to promote MidTown as a good place to do business and to increase the visibility and awareness of local businesses from local residents. Let’s tell the stories about what these businesses make through art, tours and programs designed to encourage people and institutions to buy and procure locally.

ICONS_ALL-White_Celebrate local biz

Celebrate Local Businesses


Establish and Market Midtown as the Nonprofit District of Cleveland

MidTown is already home to over 60 nonprofits, social service and support institutions. Strengthening ties among the network of local nonprofits and community-focused organizations will reinforce MidTown as the Nonprofit District of Cleveland. Efforts should focus on enabling growth, retention, and drawing new, beneficial partners to the area to meet the local needs.

Near-Term Actions


Keep an up-to-date record of the organizations and mission/functional focus of nonprofit and service organizations in MidTown; Create an online form for organizations to share their own information to build a searchable database.

Host regular non-profit get togethers and volunteer days – explore feasibilty & program interest for a Nonprofits Summit in MidTown.

Preserve affordable spaces for growth of non-profit businesses.

Type of Action


Looking For

Institutions & Community Participants